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It used to be that hot tubs were a thing of indulgence. At a cost that most people could not afford. The inflatable hot tub changed all that. Let me show you a world where you can own your own hot tub and enjoy it with your friends and family.


We have many enlightening and helpful articles on inflatable hot tubs for you to read and hopefully learn from.


We have written many helpful how to and informational articles to help guide about inflatable hot tubs to guide through many problems you have have with your portable hot tub.


We believe you deserve the best inflatable hot tub. So we choose what we think are the best blow up hot tubs and review them on our site.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Should you buy one?

Why Should I Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?

You most probably found this page after doing a search for an inflatable hot tub or portable spa or some other reference like Jacuzzi, so you probably have an idea of what one of these portable hot tubs have to offer and a little about them.

You're probably bordering on the fence of, should I buy a blow up hot tub for my home or not? Spending money on a luxury item is always difficult and we always spend a lot of time researching if it's for us and what is the best deal.

Let me start by saying that's what this site is all about. I created this site as I was doing my own research and wanted to list the things I found in one place for the benefit of everyone.

When I started my search it was from the part of a hard shell hot tub was so expensive - so an inflatable hot tub just seemed to make more sense financially.

As well as that it's portable. Inflatable in the name really gives that away. You can put it up when and where you want. It can stay up. Be packed away. Taken to a new home if you move.

So, why not head over to our Articles and Reviews pages to learn more about these brilliant life-changing inflatable hot tubs. Get your portable home spa and start enjoying some relaxation time.
Should I Buy A Hot Tub
May 13, 2019
Hot Tub Vs Inflatable Hot Tub - The Stats

So, the one thing I often see is people trying to compare a hot tub against an inflatable hot tub. So, I wanted to spend a little time and do a like for like comparison. I want to look at the statistics; compare the numbers and see which is the best to buy. Just to […]

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February 1, 2019
A Helpful Guide To Hot Tub Green And Smelly Water (Algie, Copper, Pollen, Contaminates)

There will probably be a time when you find the water in your inflatable hot tub or hot tub has turned green. There is a possibility it may also have a smell emanating from the water. You may be wondering why the water has turned green and smelly. This may be the first time this […]

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January 19, 2019
Hot Tub Entertainment Systems

I was sitting, relaxing in the hot tub. Enjoying the sounds of nature and the sun. I thought, what would make this better? The answer is the same answer I would give if I were driving, if I were travelling on a train, or often if I have some time alone in the house. What […]

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