1 – 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub (Review, Cost, Comparison)

Many think of an item like a hot tub as being a social place, somewhere to relax and chat while drinking a champaign or two.

They would certainly be right in saying that, although you don’t have to go for a hot tub that accommodates 4+ people, you can get a more intermate inflatable hot tub for you, or you and your partner to enjoy.

Why not get a spa bath?

So, there is one other comparison we need to make if we looking at a 1-2 person inflatable hot tub, and that is why not just get a spa bath?

Let’s take a look and comparison between both of these items so that you can make a well-informed decision on which is best for you.

Let’s compare

So, let’s compare an inflatable hot tub and spa bath to see which is best for you. The two in comparison are around the same price point to give you an idea of which is best for your money.

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Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub, Siena Airjet Inflatable Spa

This 1 – 2 person inflatable hot tub has been designed for 1-2 people to enjoy; so to give you all the relaxation of a bigger inflatable spa but in that more intermate setting.

Laz-Z-Spa Siena Hot Tub

Laz-Z-Spa Siena Hot Tub

Let’s start by looking at the features of this spa. – Relax & unwind in your very own fully functional hot tub – With 127 AirJets that create thousands of rejuvenating bubbles! – Rapid Dual Operate Heating & Airjet Massage System – Heats up to a blissful 40C (104F). – Inflatable walls are constructed using TriTech material – Providing the ultimate in comfort and durability – This easy to set up (tool free), – Portable inflatable hot tub – Comfortably fits 1 – 2 people. – Dual Operate Heating & Massage System. – Superior TriTech Material & I-Beam Construction. – Automated start/stop timer – Controlled.

So, as you can see, this lists the same features as its bigger brothers and sisters. You can heat the pool up to 40C. There are 127 air jets for bubbles.

It’s also easy to set up which means it can be inflated and filled ready to go with ease.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing night with your significant other; or by yourself; this will give you just that.

It is also perfect if you have any aches and pains to relieve, and also works great to help you get a great nights sleep (one of the benefits of a hot tub in general).

Comes with hard water treatmentMore expensive to run that a bath
Great Design
Inflatable cover
Easy to replace cartridges


VIRPOL 1700 Whirlpool Straight Bath

When it comes to spa baths, they are an expensive luxury item. For many of the great baths, you are looking at upwards of £1000. For this comparison though, I wanted to find one that was at the same price point as the inflatable hot tub.

Viral 1700 Whilpool spa bath

Viral 1700 Whilpool spa bath

The Viral 1700 Whilpool spa bath comes in at exactly the same price (at the time of writing this review) as the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub listed above.

So, lets first look at the listed features of this spa bath.

  • Complete whirlpool system
  • Total 11 Massage Jets
  • With Seven colour LED lights System
  • Including Front panel and End panel; (Does not include the tap)
  • SIZE:1700x700x550 (mm)
  • Powerful 0.75 HP Self-draining pump
  • Multiple 7 colours changing LED Lights
  • 2 Plantar Jets
  • 3 Lumbar Jets
  • 6 Powerful Chrome body jets

The first thing to note here is, there are 11 jets. That is far less than listed in the inflatable hot tub. That said, they may still give you a similar experience.

This is also a single person only bath – so if you did want to share it, it will be quite cramped.

A couple of other considerations is, that, as an inside bath it needs to be fitted by an experienced plumber/electrician (it has water and electrics so you need to be safe). It also doesn’t come with fittings like taps – so they need to be added.

You can go for a more expensive model of a bath – but you will be paying much more, which is why I am bringing this one.

The benefit of this is, that, it takes less water to fill it. The water is at hand without attaching any fitments (once fitted).

It’s also more accessible and can be used at any time of the day/night or year/season.

Fitted inside bathroomSmaller person capacity
Easy to fill and useIs fixed
Can be used any timeNeeds professionals to fit
Can be used any season


In conclusion

So, in conclusion. If you want more for your money, then I think the inflatable hot tub has much more features, more portability and can be easily shared if you wanted to do so.

On the other hand, the spa bath is more private, can be used at any time and in any season of the year.

Either of these will give you a stress relief and relaxing time. Which is best? Well, that is only something you can decide for yourself as everyone has their priorities of needs for them.

I hope this comparison has given you some info to help you choose.

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1 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

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