2 Bros Sitting In A Hot Tub Vine

When looking for interesting videos for hot tubs, or inflatable hot tubs in this case, you may come across this fairly well watched and semi-infamous vine.

β€œTwo Bros Chillin In A Hot Tub” phrase comes from a video uploaded to vine.co by Anthony Padilla on May 30th, 2016. It quickly gained tens of thousands of likes and millions of view loops.

Now, Vine is no more - well you can still goto the vine.co website but there is nothing there.

Still, some of the videos it gave us are still going. For example, if I were to check the Google Trend for this vine video you would still see there are people searching and viewing it.

So, although not as popular now than it was, it just goes to show its still around.

If you search for videos on hot tubs - you may just see this in your feed.

2 Bros Sitting In A Hot Tub Vine

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