3 Ideas To Make Your Hot Tub More Kid Friendly

Here at Inflatable Hot Tub UK, we like to think fun, but also safety. Having 2 children of my own, I took some time to think about how I could ensure my children were safe with a hot tub in my own garden.

This post goes through the 3 ideas I came up with on how to make an inflatable hot tub more kid friendly/safe in my garden.

Have a big pool of water in your garden is not the safest thing for younger children. We all know who they like to explore new things.

This is not to say you can’t have an inflatable hot tub in your garden, but we can do a few things to try and make it a little more children friendly.

Here are 3 suggestions on how you can make your hot tub a little more kid-friendly. They are suggestions on whether you buy a Coleman inflatable hot tub or an Intex inflatable hot tub. Whatever the make, these suggestions are generic and not aimed at any particular make and model of hot tub.

Note. These are just suggestions of precautions to take. The safest method is to always watch children when around pools of water.

1. Ensure you have a good cover on

Open bodies of water can be quite tempting but also dangerous for kids. You should also watch children when there are open pools of water - you can never be too safe.

Covering open pools of water is one safety precaution you should always do - though not all covers will stop children falling into the water. So, when choosing your hot tub ask the seller about the cover and if it fits tight and will potentially hold a child on top without falling in.

Finding out if a pool is kid friendly up front gives you the info to make a plan on how to ensure your kids are safe around the pool and hot tub.

2. Put behind a fence

Once way of keep children away from dangers are to put those dangers behind a fence and gate.

Why not build a designated section/area in your garden where you can put your hot tub. When you portable spa erected behind a solid fence and gate, this will keep our any children while you are not there.

3. Only fill when in use

This 3rd option is the more extreme of only filling your spa with water when you want to use it.

This is the extreme options because a hot tub is not meant to be emptied after each use. The water in a hot tub is supposed to be changed only occasionally but if there are no other options to keep your kids safe - then this may be the only option available to you.

Sometimes, to ensure young kids are safe around pools we need to go through with these more extreme methods.

Remember - water can be replaced in your hot tub - but you can’t replace a child or other human.

Remember - safety first

Remember, the ideas in this post are suggestions. I’m not an expert but these are the 3 ideas and options I would use to make sure any open pool or hot tub in my garden is safe for my kids.

If you feel an inflatable hot tub would pose too much of a risk for you and your children then I would suggest you wait until they are a little older before buying a hot tub.

It’s more important to make sure your children are safe and not going to come to harm more than relaxing in your own hot tub.

3 Ideas To Make Your Hot Tub More Kid Friendly

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