5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Before you lay out the money to purchase your inflatable hot tub, there are 5 things you need to consider.

We all just want to get in that water and start enjoying that relaxing spa, however, considering thee 5 things, 5 tips almost, upfront will ensure you get the right hot tub for you.

So, time is of the essence, so let's get down to these 5 things and get you into your inflatable hot tub for some fun.

1. Where are you going to be placing your hot tub

Where you are placing your inflatable hot tub at your home will have a big deciding factor on which one to buy.

For instance, do you want to use this portable hot tub indoors or outdoors? What is the size of the area you will be placing the hot tub? If outdoors permanently have you looked at the more expensive non-inflatable spa or are you set on an inflatable jacuzzi?

Considering where you are going to be placing this hot tub really factors in a number of extra things to think about. As an example, inflatable vs non-inflatable. A non-inflatable hot tub generally does not get moved, so once in place, it stays. Where as an inflatable hot tub can be moved to a different place (or even house).

Deciding on where it is to be placed really narrows down the hot tub you will be buying.

2. State of positioning

The second factor to look at, once you've decided on the place the hot tub will sit, is the area at where you will be positioning the spa. There are certain factors that need to be met to have a successful positioning.

  • You need to be able to drain water effectively. This shouldn't be a problem unless you are putting the spa in a hole lower than the garden level.
  • What is the plumbing like around the area? Do you need any extra plumbing added to be able to maintain the water in the inflatable spa?
  • The ground on which you are placing the spa needs to be strong. Although the inflatable hot tub itself may not be heavy, once filled it get considerably heavier. You want to ensure the floor below it can handle this.
  • Will you need stairs to get into the hot tub. If so, the position it is put in must allow for these.
  • This is a hot tub so it will make the area around it potentially humid and moist. What you don't want to happen is have a problem with mould.

Here is a good little video from YouTube to watch on this subject that may give you some ideas.

3. Power supply

Placing and filling the hot tub are preparation for enjoying that warm pleasure spa. However, to heat it up, get those bubbles flowing you need to be able to power the heater/blower unit.

Be sure that the supply you use is able to capable of delivering and maintaining the required watts.

Maybe your hot tub is one with some mood lighting in, this is again something you need to think about when thinking on the power supply for your tub.

If you thinking of having any lighting around your hot tub (maybe in the gazebo you may use to cover your spa) you will need to think about how you can safely place and power these.

Just take a moment to plan out where you will be powering all these items from and how you can do that safely.

4. The heat adjustment

When deciding on your inflatable hot tub, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the temperatures the heater and spa can go up to.

The heater, is it a manual set heater or automatic? Are the adjustment details something you can read easily - not too small.

You need to be able to operate the hot tub easily, so something that needs to be considered for the model you buy.

5. Spare parts and refills

There is nothing worse that having an item that needs a part replaced or some fluid or tablet to be refilled then finding out there are not many on the market (if any) and they are expensive.

Before you purchase, just take a look at the availability of any items you may need to purchase to keep your inflatable hot tub running smoothly.

Make sure that it's not going to be costing too much to purchase these items AND that you can get the items.

Finally, one more thing

One final thing you should really check over is the warranty details. Check out how long the warranty is, maybe find out what is covered. Check out reviews. The general things you should normally be checking before any purchase.

Get it right first time and you can just enjoy your spa days

Getting these things right up front means that once you have your inflatable spa you just need to sit and enjoy your time in it.

It really is just taking the time to read some details, maybe think about where you are going to place it - then once in place enjoy.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Inflatable Hot Tub

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