5 Things You Never Thought You Knew About An Inflatable Hot Tub

You may or may not have ever owned an inflatable hot tub, but we all know a little more about them that we relish.

Here is a list of 5 things that you never thought you knew about an inflatable hot tub.

1. People will fart in a hot tub

We all know it happens. Not all those bubbles are from the blower, some of them are from one of the other (or yourself) in that hot tub.

The truth is, when you're in there with all those bubbles rising - nobody is going to tell the difference.

Breaking wind is a natural body function. For those that tell you it's not, there are many websites about breaking wind that will explain the reasons behind why we let out that excess air.

The question isn't about the breaking of wind, it's more about how much is normal (women and men alike both can toot up to 20 times per day apparently).

What is normal though, while relaxing in a hot tub you will feel the need to let some out. Do it while the bubbles are going and nobody will tell the difference.

Remember: farting is a natural body function. Be proud of those bubbles.

2. Hot tubs are not a new invention

Although the inflatable hot tub is a newer relative on the block, hot tubs themselves are not a new invention.

They infect date back to as early as 552 A.D. The first ancestor of the hot tub can be found in Japan at around this time frame. The bathers in Japan used the warmth of hot springs, heated by the magma in nearby volcanoes as their own hot tubs.

3. Hot tubs keep you young

Studies have been done and show that using your hot tub on a regular basis can help slow ageing (and wrinkling other than too long in the water) by up to 20%.

Not only that but hot tubs also prevent internal ageing. They apparently provide health benefits to both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by helping the circulation of both air and blood throughout the body.

4. You can't swim in a hot tub

It's nothing to do with the hot water, it's more a physical space issue.

Hot tubs are full of water and in theory if big enough (like a swim spa) you could swim in the water. However, physical space inside the hot tub means you can't get the space to swim.

Why would you want to swim anyhow, just enjoy the hot warm bubbling water (either it's from the pump of trumps).

5. Lots and lots of Champaign opened around hot tubs

The estimate is that over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs per year.

That's a lot of bubbles to be having while in the bubbles (no, not more fart jokes). It seems its one of the more favoured drinks to have while soaking up a bit of luxury time in the hot tub.

Why not try it yourself.

5 things you never knew you knew about hot tubs

I hope you've enjoyed our roundup, and if you didn't know those 5 things before you started to read, you do now.

If you can share any more, why not leave them below in a comment.

5 Things About Hot Tubs

5 Things About Hot Tubs

5 Things You Never Thought You Knew About An Inflatable Hot Tub

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