6 Common Reasons And Solutions For Cloudy Water In Your Hot Tub

There is a probability at some point during your ownership of an inflatable hot tub that you will have cloudy water.

There is no need to worry when this happens, it happens to everyone more than once during their time owning a hot tub.

Here are 7 common reasons why you may have cloudy water in your hot tub, and solutions to remedy it.

1. Old water


The water in a hot tub is not meant to be replaced every time you use it. I’ve read some articles that suggest changing anything up to once every 3 months.

Personally, 3 months does seem a little long. In fact, in all cases, there is a particular formula to estimate when to change your water depending on how much is in your hot tub and other factors.

Sundance Spas have a great post on changing your hot tub water to check out. Although I believe this is aimed at hard shell hot tubs, it is still worth a read.

If you don’t change your hot tub water, there is going to be an accumulation of total dissolved solids in your hot tub causing cloudiness in the process.

Applying chemical (chlorine) to your tub water will not always help you maintain clean water. However, there will come a point where doing this will no longer help and you need to change the water.


The solution to this one is quite simple. First. You. Need to drain out the old cloudy water from the hot tub.

When empty, take some time to clean your hot tub making sure you remove any residue left on the hot tub sides.

Finally, refill the hot tub with water and the required amount of chemicals. Turn on your heater and leave it to heat up. You will not have a lovely clean water hot tub to enjoy again.

2. Poor Filtration


The cloudiness of the water is often due to particulate matter such as organic debris and other insoluble suspended particles that your filter should be removed, but maybe having difficulty with.

Think of it as in the same way that our kidney filters blood, the hot tub filters play the crucial role of taking the unwanted particles out of the water stream to keep a cycle of clean water running through the spa.


When cloudy water is possibly down to poor filtration there are a few things to take a look at.

Firstly we need to try cleaning or changing the filter. This really is the first thing to try. If your filter is not performing at its optimum, then it is quite possible that the water impurities are not being removed.

Also, any other remedial action may be rendered useless if your filter isn’t working properly. Regular checking and rinsing of the filter is highly recommended.

If changing or cleaning the filter does not remedy this issue and you believe it is down to poor filtration; check with an expert if there is anything more you may need to do.

3. Chemical Imbalance


Adding too much or too little Chlorine into your inflatable hot tub to clean the water will cause a chemical balance in your hot tub.

Having a too low chlorine level has the implication of the rate of producing contaminants becomes high.

Chemical imbalance is mainly caused by human error; often when we do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions adequately when applying the right amounts of chlorine.


The obvious solution to this is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on applying the right amounts of chlorine.

Also, a clarifier is recommended. The clarifier works by bringing together the particles that have escaped the filter. It is very important to identify the root cause of the problem before using a clarifier.

Lastly, if you are still unsure with what level of Chlorine or other chemicals to add, always contact and consort with an expert.

4. pH chemical imbalance – too low or too high pH level


The pH level (the figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of the water) in a hot tub has an acceptable pH range of 7.2 to 7.6. An imbalance in the pH level of the water (so outside of this acceptable range) could cause cloudy water.

You can check the pH level of the water using a home pH testing strip.


If on checking the pH level it is not within the range of 7.2 to 7.6 then we need to level this out. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the cloudy water persists then you can use a water clarifier or flocculent.

A flocculant is a substance that causes smaller particles to group together into larger ones, making them easier to filter out. A non-chlorine shock may also be added, perhaps even working in tandem with the clarifier. An absolute last resort would be to replace the water altogether, however, this may not get to the bottom of the actual cause, and the cloudy water quandary may strike again once fresh water has been added.

5. Presence of air bubbles


Air bubbles in the water could also cause cloudiness. There are two possible reasons for causing air bubbles in your hot tub water.

  • A turn off in the air blower and hot tub Ozonator. What that means is there is going to be a potential leak in the suction part of the pump.
  • Low water level could cause air bubbles


If the source of the bubbles is a leak in the suction pump then this needs to be found and fixed. This can be done with a visual check and then the correct sealant used to fix the leak.

If the water level is low the solution is to simply add more water to the hot tub.

6. Filter cartridge no positioned correctly


One other filter possible issue is if the filter cartridge is poorly/not properly positioned. This will to allow a flow of water behind the cartridge which will result in cloudy water.


The obvious solution for this is to check your filter and make sure it is positioned correctly. Also, check the cartridge has been cleaned.

More info

Check out this YouTube video all about cloudy pool water causes and cures.

In conclusion

There are a few possible problems that will cause cloudy water, most of them the solution to fix is simple. Remember, always consult an expert if you are unsure of the problem and solution.

The solution for most cases is usually a simple and easy one to follow through, fix and continue enjoying your inflatable hot tub.

6 Common reasons for cloudy water in your hot tubs

6 Common reasons for cloudy water in your hot tubs

6 Common Reasons And Solutions For Cloudy Water In Your Hot Tub

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