Can A Hot Tub Make You Lose Weight?

I’ve seen a number of questions on this, and similar topics, all related to hot tubs and do they help you lose weight.

I wanted to address the question of can a hot tub make you lose weight as it seems like an important question to many people - and one I have a personal interest in too.

How does a hot tub work

So, before we can answer the question, there are a few things, grounds rules we can call them, that we have to examine. Knowing these will help with the answer to the overall question.

The first thing we need to understand is how a hot tub works.

So, at the fundamental base element, a hot tub is a pool or warm/hot water in which you sit. Now, obviously, today's hot tubs are more than just that. They are a pool (or inflatable pool) filled with water which is then heated, filtered, circulated with pumps and with air jets that produce massaging bubbles.

What happens to your body in a hot tub

You could argue that the base element of a hot tub being a hot pool of water will only have the same benefit as sitting in a hot bath. However, these added elements of bubbles and circulation of water will help you relax and give a spirit of playful experience.

As well as this, a foam can form because the water has contaminates such as body lotion, suntan oil or soap residue that hasn't been oxidised or picked up by the filters. So, this is helping to clean any of these oils from your body giving you skin and there pores a more cleaned feel.

While you are sitting in your hot tub, your body is being massaged, it’s being cleaned and it’s also being raised in temperature.

This will in turn help stimulate your body to a point that your muscles will work as if doing very light exercise.

In theory, you could get out of a hot tub having lost weight but it would be a very small amount. Some estimate it only being about 3% more than just sitting on the sofa (coach) and relaxing.

Better to do after exercise

A better use is to relax in your hot tub after doing exercise. This will allow your body to relax, easing the muscles and body aches.

Although the hot tub is not directly helping with the weight loss, it’s helping your body recover after the exercise and so is part of your weight loss routine.

In conclusion

So, in conclusion, a hot tub will not make you lose weight, at least not significant weight. What it will do is help your body recover after exercise and would fit nicely in as part of your weight loss routine.

An inflatable hot tub would be the perfect remedy, and reward, to exercising.

Can A Hot Tub Make You Lose Weight?

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