Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

While searching and researching inflatable hot tubs I found a number of questions related to inflating and running a hot tub during winter.

I recently wrote a short post called Inflatable Hot Tub Use In Winter which gave some answers (and pitfall) of winter use as well as a link to a site that gave some “hacks” as they called it to get around these.

Can I inflate my inflatable hot tub in winter wasn’t the only questions asked so I will try to answer as much of them as I can in this single post (rather than many short posts).

For some great info, I will also suggest you check out this great blog post over at Lay-Z-Spa on Looking After Your Lay-Z-Spa In Winter.

Can I inflate my inflatable hot tub in winter?

The short answer is you can. Although there is a suggested temperature that, once below, you should not use your inflatable hot tub (4c in case you wanted to know), it is still possible to inflate your hot tub.

That said, and if you’ve read the linked blog posts above, there are some caveats to that statement.

For one, you need to keep checking the temperature. You need to be careful that the water does not freeze (another question I will try answer below) and this doesn’t cause a unfixable pump failure.

For more information, I would take a look at that Lay-Z-Spa blog post as it has some great bits of information about inflatable hot tubs and winter.

Should I drain my hot tub for the winter

This and another question can I leave my hot tub empty during winter are, in my opinion, related.

You would be draining your hot tub to leave it empty during winter (or to pack it away).

The first thing to say is that if your hot tub water is frozen it may be difficult (though maybe not impossible) to drain it. I would hazard a guess and say that it may be frozen on the top but not underneath.

That in itself could pose a problem of possible damage by the ice as it empties.

So, if you are going to empty your hot tub, do it while the water is not frozen.

Leaving your hot tub empty during winter I would say is possible, but once emptied you are best to pack it away.

Once your inflatable hot tub is empty of water its weight is much lighter. During the winter months you may find, if left up, it gets blown around. It could be your hot tub gets blown into something sticking out which could lead to a puncture.

I would say that, if drained, pack away your hot tub for winter. Then you know it’s safely stored for next year.

If, however, you have your hot tub in a covered area (covers on all sides and top) then it may be safe enough to leave up and ready to fill at a moments notice.

Best temperature for a hot tub in winter?

Quite an easy one, when using it you’re going to want it nice and warm. For an inflatable hot tub, this is where one of the issues lie so you may want to check out my other post Inflatable Hot Tub Use In Winter to find out what that is all about.

Will my hot tub freeze during winter

Will your hot tub water freeze in winter?. The short answer is, if the temperature drops below a certain level (in the UK we have lots of temps below freezing in winter) then it will.

Water that is not heated and circulating will freeze, and your inflatable hot tub is no exception.

Try keeping your hot tub under a cover and emptying when not using so that you don’t suffer from a frozen hot tub.

Using your inflatable hot tub during winter is possible

You can set up and use your hot tub during winter. What I would suggest though is doing it somewhere under cover, then set it up, using it, then draining it after use – unless it’s quite a mild winter.

Here in the UK, we get much colder days through the winter so this could cause you problems if left setup with water in it. If you live in a place with mild winters then you won’t suffer from this.

Just keep in mind that water freezes and this could damage parts of your hot tub. Just be thoughtful and you could still enjoy some warm hot tub fun in winter.

Again, please check out that blog post over at Lay-Z-Spa on Looking After Your Lay-Z-Spa In Winter as it’s a great resource straight from a manufacturer.

Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter

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11 comments on “Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?”

  1. can i leave just the inflated tub up and remove the pump and then add antifreeze to the water in the filled and inflated tub and then flush out in summer and refit pump or will antifreeze damage the inflated tub .Lazy spa.

    1. Personally I would not recommend this and say no. I would recommend emptying the tub, deflating, and packing away for winter. Though if you did want to use through the winter I would suggest emptying and only filling when you need it.

  2. Can I just leave it on & running all winter, at a much lower temperature, then heat it as & when I want to use it?

      1. Hi Sean, how about without the electrical/plumbing hack? Could I just not leave the pump running at say 30c all winter? Costly sure but wouldn’t it prevent the water freezing? My tub is under a large awning so is shielded from most of the weather anyway.

        1. To be honest I’ve not tried so I am not sure. I’m not sure if anyone else could answer that? I would think having it running through winter could cause issues anyhow so I would personally (my personal opinion) not run it. You may want to contact the experts/manufacturer and ask them.

  3. Hi don’t have any were to deflate and store my hot tub but have drained and cleaned and tried also insulation all around and covered over will thus protect my hit tub

    1. Hi. So, I have heard of people emptying all water, putting a cover over the hot tub and taking all electronics off for winter. I’ve not tried that myself though so I could not verify (I always say deflate and pack). But if covered from the elements it has some protection in place. What I would suggest is just checking with the manufacturer faq to see what they say.

  4. I have a Saluspa Milan in Texas. Can I winterize it and leave it filled? The winter this year is supposed to be below freezing.

    1. I would always suggest taking it down in winter only because you do not know what the cold weather will do. It’s best to take notes from the manufacturers on this though as they know what is best suited for the products they make.

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