Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean An Inflatable Hot Tub?

Cleaning your inflatable hot tub after use is one of those tasks that is needed to be done but is not really something you want to be doing. You would prefer to be sitting, relaxing in your hot tub drinking a glass of something cold, and letting those bubbles wash away those aches and pains.

So, to speed things up, can you use a pressure washer to clean your inflatable hot tub? The short answer is that it is not advisable. Although you may find using a pressure washer would work, you are firing a high-pressure object, be it water, at a soft material which could cause damage and puncture your inflatable hot tub.

So, let’s look at a more appropriate way to clean your inflatable hot tub.

First, what do you need to clean in your inflatable hot tub?

Although it doesn’t take long to clean your inflatable hot tub, it is always a good idea to try and keep it as clean as possible. This saves you time in the long run. After all, the reason you have your hot tub is for enjoyment. Not work!

How do you clean a hot tub filter?

Filters will over time clog with dirt and grease until they no longer allow water to flow through. When this happens jets can feel less strong and heaters may cut out. It is best, that, on a regular basis you thoroughly clean your filters, 

First of all, remove the filter or filters from the spa and then soak for 24 hours in a bucket full of Hot tub cartridge cleaner. This will chemically break down the grease so that when you remove from the cartridge cleaner and wash with a hose it will be back to new again. 

Note: if you live in a hard water area, it is important to use a pressure cleaner as well as to soak in cartridge cleaner. The pressure cleaner will remove the calcium that has built up in the filter and blocks the filter holes. 

Calcium is white and a clean filter is white and sometimes it is not easy to see but if there is calcium in the filter it still will not allow the water to pass through. Fill a trigger bottle with Instant filter cleaner. Next, remove the filters and spray with the trigger bottle, leave for 20 minutes then rinse with a hose or pressure washer and then refit to the spa. 

Using instant filter cleaner every couple of weeks and it will reduce the number of times each year you need to soak your filters in cartridge cleaner.

For more on cleaning your filter, check out our other post on filter cleaning

Cleaning inside the inflatable hot tub

First, drain the inflatable hot tub

Now it’s time to drain the portable inflatable hot tub. Check your owner’s manual (if you need to) and locate the drainage valve (usually on the outside wall of the hot tub).

Next, attach a garden hose to the value using an adaptor (often comes with the hot tub). Again, check the user manual to read the instructions on draining the spa.

When the hose is screwed onto the drainage valve, undo the drain stopper valve and the water will come flowing out through the hose.

Be careful where you drain the water as it will have chemicals chlorine or bromine which you use to sanitise the water. These will kill grass and flowers so ensure you drain away from any of these.

Clean inside the inflatable hot tub

Once your inflatable hot tub is empty it’s time to give it a final clean. You need to get rid of any chemical residue that may have built up.

What cleaning chemicals and bits should you get? Here are 2 suggestions you may want to consider for cleaning the residue.

– Soft cleaning liquid

– Scum bug hot tub sponge

Remember to clean your inflatable hot tub cover as well, especially the underside of the cover as this may also have chemical residue also.

Clean the base of the inflatable hot tub

To do this, turn it over and spread it out on a flat area. Next, wipe the base over with a damp cloth to remove any grass stains or marks. When finished thoroughly dry the base with a cloth and then leave to dry.

Cleaning your hot tub on a regular basis is important

If you want to keep your inflatable hot tub is an excellent usable condition then it is important to spend the time cleaning. There are no short cuts. Do this right and it will serve you in your times of need – need to relax. Enjoy your relaxation time.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean An Inflatable Hot Tub

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