Finding A Puncture In An Inflatable Hot Tub

There's nothing worse than having a puncture in a pool, or in this case an inflatable hot tub.

All you want to do is enjoy some leisure time, but instead, your hot tub has a hole and is deflating each time you pump it up.

So, let's take a look at how you can easily locate that hold and stop the leak so that you can get back to enjoying your free time in your hot tub.

How to detect a leak in your inflatable hot tub

So, before we go through the method to detect a leak, let's look at the basics.

Your inflatable hot tub is a ring or square shape made out of a rubber type compound and filled with air.

At its base level, it's a similar concept to a bikes inner-tube. If you've ever had to plug a leak in an inner-tube you may be familiar with this process.

You take out the inner-tube from the tyre and you fill up a bowl of water (there are other ways but always involves water or similar). You then fill up your inner-tube with air and pass each part through the water until you see bubbles.

The bubbles, as you may well guess, are coming from the hole. So, you mark that part (old inner-tube repair kits use to have chalk). You then dry off the area. Next, you glue a patch over the hole making sure its all sealed.

Finally, when dry you pump up the inner-tube, then pass it through the water again to make sure no leak. Finally, you place it back in the bike tyre and away you go.

Finding a leak in an inflatable pool or hot tub is similar, although they are a bit too big to pass through a bowl of water.

So, we change it up a little.

Check out this video:

First, let us find the leak

You going to need a spray bottle to complete this task. Fill the spray bottle with water, then add a couple of squirts of soap. Make sure you mix it well (best way is to fasten the top and swish it about a little - making sure all soap is dissolved).

Next, spray the suspected area with the soapy water solution. Hint: Try searching for small black marks on the surface of the hot tub. Not all these marks will be leaks, but it gives you points of reference to try.

If the water/soap solution sprayed on the inflatable hot tub starts to bubble then you know there is air being pushed out and you've found the leak.

Dry and mark the area of the leak ready to patch.

How to add the patch

Every manufacturer has their specific instructions on how to add a patch to your hot tub from your inflatable patch kit.

With that said, there are a few usual and common instructions. First, take your patch and adhesive from your inflatable repair kit. Add the adhesive to the back of the patch and cover the hole making sure all parts of the patch are stuck down completely covering the leak. - Leave the patch to dry for around 2-3 hours (specific times will be in the instructions for your repair kit) - Inflate your hot tub - Finally, spray the area again and check to see if there are any bubbles. If no bubbles then the leak is fixed, otherwise repeat the process.

What if your leak is not a puncture?

Two common places where leaks can occur in an inflatable hot tub are: - The pump sealing - The heating assembly

As items age, parts wear and seals can go. Leaks can occur in the pump sealing usage and age. If you find the leak in the pump sealing then you will either need to repair or replace this.

I would recommend you contact a professional if your pump sealing is leaking and they can advise you if its best to repair or replace. Always check with a professional when it's not just a simple fix like a puncture.

Leaks can happen in the heating assembly because of the same reason, age and usage. Two of the common places where a leak can occur in the heating assembly are: - The union fittings - The values

As with the previously mentioned pump sealing, it's recommended to contact a professional, if you find that the values are leaking. Seek their advice on repair or replace.

If you find the leak is coming from a union fitting, it could be they have just come loose. This should be the first thing you check and if loose tighten them back up by hand. It's not advisable that you use a spanner for this as it can cause damage.

How to determine if you have a leak

Here is a simple, easy way to detect if you have a leak in your inflatable hot tub. You may want to do this before you start spraying and searching the spa for leaks.

  • First, fill the tub with air and water. Mark the level of the water.
  • Leave the spa un-used then go back and check the mark to see if it has dropped or not.
  • The level it has dropped with determine how bad the leak is.

Once you have determined there is a leak, empty the water from the hot tub then check for the leak using your soapy spray bottle solution.

Not the end of your hot tubs life

Having a leak in your inflatable hot tub is not the end of its life. Fixing your leak can be a simple thing and once done you will get lots more enjoyment from hour inflatable spa.

Finding A Puncture In An Inflatable Hot Tub

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