Hot Tub Vs Inflatable Hot Tub – The Stats

So, the one thing I often see is people trying to compare a hot tub against an inflatable hot tub. So, I wanted to spend a little time and do a like for like comparison.

I want to look at the statistics; compare the numbers and see which is the best to buy.

Just to note, as I am based in the UK – prices I quote are pounds, though I would suggest that the comparison statistics would be the same or similar as in dollars.

4 Person Hot Tub

This is probably the most common size that people would buy. It offers the best size/cost ratio.

In this comparison I took a look at one of my recommended Inflatable Hot Tubs – the Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub and compared it with a good quality but cheapest of the brand hardshell hot tub – the Vita Spa Image 100 Series Hot Tub.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Vita Spa Image 100
Price : £399.00Price : £4,795.00
Water Content : 669 Litres Water Content : 670 Litres
Max People : 2 – 4 Person Max People : 4 Person
Jets : 81 AirJet Jets : 22 Water Jets

Price comparison : The Vita Spa Image 100 is 12 times the price of the Lay-Z-Spa Miami – though at the time of checking the there is a sale reducing the price by around 30%.

Even at full price that’s a 12/1 ratio. Both fit 4 people. Both fit the same amount of water. The inflatable hot tub has 81 air jets as compared with 22 water jets in the Vita.

For the most up to date price – click the link below to take you over to Amazon to the product page for this hot tub.

6 Person Hot Tub

If you want a little more space, a slightly larger capacity if you have more family members – the a 6 person hot tub will probably be in your choice.

Like the 4 person, let’s compare 2 – an inflatable hot tub and a hard shell hot tub.

For this comparison, we are going with the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Inflatable Hot Tub and the Vita Spa Sensation 300 Series Hot Tub (the 100 series seemed to only go up to 5 person – though if you need just 5 it’s a few thousand cheaper than the 300 series).

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub Vita Spa Sensation 300
Price : £499.00Price : £7,995.00
Water Content : 935 Litres Water Content : 1589 Litres
Max People : 4 – 6 Person Max People : 6 Person
Jets : 87 Air JetsJets : 43 Water Jets

Both of these hot tubs have some fantastic specifications. The Vita certainly holds more water; though that could be also thought of as more water to heat.

Comparison wise – most of the stats are fantastic, though price difference is 16/1. A 16/1 comparison is certainly a massive difference.

To get the most up to date price of the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas you can click on the button below to be taken over to the Amazon page for this hot tub.

Statistics – The Conclusion

When you look at the 2 comparisons above, what we see is that both the inflatable hot tub and hard shell hot tub hold a similar capacity of people. They both hold similar amounts of water (though the 6 person featured is a larger shell).

Both have a good number of jets to circulate the water. Both heat the water to similar temperatures. The largest difference in comparison is price.

A 12/1 and 16/1 comparison is a large statistical difference when it comes to picking up a hot tub. Would you be prepared to pay 12 or 16 times more for a hot tub that does the same job as the inflatable version?

Personally, I would rather spend the 12 times comparison on bubbles to go with my hot tub bubbles.

We’ve created a post of our top 6 inflatable hot tubs for 2019 if you wanted a good comparison of what is on the market today.

Inflatable hot tub - Hot Tub Vs Inflatable Hot Tub - The Stats

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2 comments on “Hot Tub Vs Inflatable Hot Tub – The Stats”

  1. I find this review biased towards the inflatable hot tub, it’s chalk and cheese. The only simalarity is the ammount of water stored and the temperature. Initial costs are dramatic, but that’s to do with materials. All an inflatable tub is doing is making bubbles, whereas a hot tub offers water therapy, with multiple jet, different types of jets depending on where you sit.
    Running costs, an inflatable has no insulation, so expect to pay between 3x and 6x as much in running costs.
    Longevity, with all the care in the work I have seen inflatables left without air in stuck in the corner of a garden, they are so prone to punctures it’s untrue, with the sun light destroys the plastic.
    So all in all, inflatable, cheap quick fix, but a spa is a long term investment.

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