How Do Hot Tubs Work

When we take a look at this question of how does a hot tub work? we realise that in fact there are 2 questions here to answer.

The first one is How does a hot tub work technically. So, what components are there? How do they fit together? How does the water get into the hot tub? How are bubbles produced? As well as other such questions.

The second question is How does a hot tub work physically on your body? So, how does it relieve stress? How does it help with aches? Why do you feel tired after a hot tub session?

Both of these question areas fall under how a hot tub works, but both are very different.

These could be treated and written as two very independent posts - however, I really want to try and address both of them in this post as they do relate to each other.

There are reasons of why from technical to physical which will hopefully give you a good insight on how a hot tub works.

How a hot tub works - technology

A hot tub consists of a number of components. The first, and the most obvious component is the actual tub, also referred to as the shell.

We all know that the tub (or the shell) contains the hot water (that's why it's a hot tub after all), but also part of the tub are the air jets. The air jets are used to produce the bubbles and so are an imperative part of the actual tub also.

Some hot tubs also have blowers to create additional air bubbles.

The other thing we want to happen in the hot tub is water circulation. This is done using one or more pumps. This pump the water through to produce circular water motion.

To make the water hot, the controller and heater unit is used. This is another very important component - without it there is no hot in your hot tub.

One other item to mention is the filtration units. This maybe parts in another component such as part of the water pump - but is required to keep your water filter and nice to relax in.

Finally, your hot tub may also have lights in it to give a nice effect to enjoy while relaxing.

All these parts combine to create your hot tub. Water in the tub shell with air jets (and blowers on some models) creating the air. Pumps to move the water which is heated by the heater unit. While all the time the water is being filtered.

Technically your hot tub will be a sum of all (or most) of those parts. Every hot tub is different, such as with an inflatable unit you may find the heater and blower unit are in one or something similar.

How a hot tub works - physically on the body

How does a hot tub work in relaxing your body? Some of this answer, if not all, is more common knowledge - but let us go through the details to clarify.

The first and obvious reason is that you're sitting in a hot tub of water. Hot tub water therapy for sore muscles has been examined by clinical trials and rigorous scientific analysis.

The conclusion of these analyses is that it works. How? Well, let's examine some reasoning behind this.

  • Lactic acid reduction. The soreness in your muscles is caused by excessive lactic acid buildup. One widely-read PubMed study concluded that hot tubs and hydrotherapy helped sore muscles through lactate reduction.
  • Improved recovery. Another analysis looked at the impact of warm-water jet massage on sore muscles, and the results showed that most subjects responded positively and showed better than expected recovery times. Hot tub use for sore muscles, showed encouraging data in regards to recovery, performance and athletic stamina.
  • Reduced chance of injury. Another scientific analysis showed how pre-activity hot tub therapy can reduce the chance of injury and also optimise performance. The 2008 study conducted a hot tub-like simulation, where the participant athletes placed their legs in warm water. As a result, most measures of muscle-induced damage were reduced and, in some subjects, eliminated altogether.

Even if you're not a professional athlete, you can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits a hot tub provides for sore muscles.

Soaking in hot baths has been used for sceneries to ease aches and pains. On top of that, these recent studies also say they are good for sore muscles.

In conclusion

So, hot tubs work by circulating hot water as well as having massage bubbles blow.

This works on your body by soaking and massaging those aches and pains away.

Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing, even if you're not an athlete. They are also perfect for a small social gathering. Even better, inflatable hot tubs are also very reasonably priced making them affordable for you to get the mentioned benefits.

How Does A Hot Tub Work

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