How Long After Surgery Can I Take A Bath

If you've ever had surgery you know how sore you can feel. You want to just relax, ease the pain, and one thing that's relaxing is a lovely hot bath.

A lovely soak can really ease those aches and pains. It's could be just the medicine you need to aid your recovery after surgery.

So, how long after surgery can you take a bath, or soak in your lovely hot tub?

Taking a hot bath

A lot of people love a good hot, or warm, bath as it helps them relax. There's nothing more peaceful as taking a lovely soak and unwinding.

Beyond that undeniable relaxation and the relief that a hot bath provides to a person who has just undergone surgery, a hot bath can provide a number of other health benefits as well.

  1. Warmth in the water can help improve circulation when your muscles relax. When you get stressed you can get tense muscles, so a hot bath can help relax these.
  2. Hot baths can help open your skin pores and deeply cleanse your skin. Hot baths also help with washing away dead skin cells. Due to these, if you put skin lotion on after a hot bath it can penetrate your skin better.
  3. Ever have a cold or stuffy nose? A hot bath can help with clearing the stuffy ness and help you feel a little better.

So, there are a number of benefits to taking a hot bath to help rejuvenate you. However, should or can you take one after surgery?

Can you take a bath after surgery?

I'm not a medical professional so I would suggest you check with your doctor for anything medical related. Doctors will be able to give you a definite timeline to when you can start having a hot bath; getting into a hot tub and so on.

Often, your doctor will not advise you to swim or take a hot bath as long as the incision has gaps. In addition, the heat can potentially soften the scab and create a warm breeding ground for infectious bacteria.

So, it's very important you check with your doctor as each case is different. We often read that many people have been advised to wait 6-8 weeks or more after surgery before entering a hot tub - so I would prepare yourself for your doctor suggesting this kind of timescale before getting back into a hot spa.

If the recommended time has passed that your doctor gives has passed, a hot bath after surgery can help your body eliminate accumulated traces of drugs in your system.

Don't have a bathtub?

Many households these days have moved away from having the traditional bathtub and have gone with things such as a shower or wet rooms. If this is the case with your house then you would benefit from getting an inflatable hot tub.

Modern inflatable hot tubs have a built-in heating system so that users can increase or decrease the water temperature. They are also easier to maintain and are available in different sizes, shapes, and depth. They can also be positioned outdoors giving you more space and opportunity to use them.

Some inflatable tubs have a vibrate mode while others have a hydromassage system which uses powerful bubble sprays. After 15 to 20 minutes of taking a hot bath, you can secure the insulated cover over the inflatable hot tub and activate the water filtration system so the water will be clean for your next bath.

The other great thing about an inflatable hot tub is that they are soft, so that's less pressure on your back and buttocks.

Some things to be aware of taking a hot bath after surgery

Despite the benefits, there are some important reminders when taking hot baths, especially after surgery.

  • Taking a hot bath may or may not increase your blood pressure. If you have any heart condition, it is best to opt for a warm bath instead.
  • Many people sweat during a hot bath. In fact, some people take advantage of this to help them lose weight. But keep in mind that this also causes the body to lose water. So drink water before and after a hot bath to keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • The body isn’t meant to have the same temperature all over. Heat is released through the head, hands, and feet.
  • If you’re pregnant, it’s best to avoid hot baths, so lower the hot tub temperature.
  • Soak yourself in a hot tub for only 15-20 minutes. Don't soak for more than 30 minutes.

When done properly, a hot bath can be beneficial to your overall well-being. You and your body are in a delicate place a few weeks after surgery, so it is better to know what options you have when you decide to take a hot bath. It can help your body recover from the stress of surgery.

How Long After Surgery Can I Take A Bath

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