How Long Do Portable Hot Tubs Last

This is probably a question that is on your mind when thinking of purchasing an inflatable hot tub. You are buying, after all, what is a large inflatable pool which has air jets and a heater.

Don’t get me wrong with that statement, I love inflatable hot tubs and think they are both great value for money and give everyone the option to grab their own relaxing spa. However, I wanted to call it (so to speak) as it is - they are similar to large well built inflatable pools - the pools with the excellent quality PVC/Vinyl.

That out of the way, and really because of what they are made off, we wonder what is the life of an inflatable hot tub? You would imagine it would be less than a hard shell hot tub? Or is it? This is the question we are going to try and answer for you.

First, more on the build of an inflatable hot tub

Generally, a PVC (which is an acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride) inflatable hot tub is made from polyester mesh core encased in 2 layers of PVC fabric. Many are made from triple layer laminated PVC.

Their edge is equipped with an inflatable air tube which makes the pool construction solid and stable.

I would suggest, when buying an inflatable hot tub, you ensure you go for one that is made from the 3 layers laminated PVC as this is more likely to last longer, with good care and attention made to maintain it.

So, how long should we expect our inflatable hot tub to last

So, as a comparison. After doing some research the estimated life of a hard shell hot tub is 5-20 years which is dependant on the quality of the build, your maintenance of the hot tub and so on.

This is possibly a lot less than you expected for a hard shell hot tub - certainly was for me. So, with that known, how long does a portable hot tub last for?

When researching the answer to this, the answer was always it depends. That said, the estimate that came out was - they can last anything from 7 months to 7 years.

Some estimates gave lots more, even up to 20 years. The determining factor is how you care for it. However, the estimate of life on a PVC above ground pool is 6-12 years.

The real take away from this is, that, taking care of your inflatable hot tub then the lifetime will extend to the longer life period.

In conclusion

When it comes down to it, like any other product you buy - if you look after and maintain it well, it will serve you for many years.

Ensuring you clean it, change the filters, pack it away neater and all the other general maintenance required; your hot tub will last you for many years giving you joy and pleasure for all of them.

How Long Do Portable Hot Tubs Last

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