How Long Does It Take To Heat A Hot Tub?

I think that anyone who has owned a hot tub has wondered how long does it take to heat a hot tub.

You spend quite a bit of time setting up the inflatable hot tub, filling it with all the water you need so you just want to get it in. You want to start enjoying the relaxing bubbles of your spa.

So, knowing how long you have to wait is going to be the only thing that is going to be on your mind.

The most common question asked

You have to know that you're not alone in wandering this fact. It's probably the most, or at least one of the most common asked questions - and it's not really a simple answer.

Let's looks at all the factors to take into consideration.

  1. The volume of water in the hot tub. The more water you have to heat then the longer it's going to take.
  2. The power of the heater. Heaters vary considerably from something around 1w upwards. The more powerful the heater the quicker it will heat.
  3. The ambient temperature. If it's warmer outside then it will take a little less time to warm up the spa water.
  4. If your hot tub cover is on or off.

So, let's set an example of a 1.5w heater, around 300 gallons of water and a summers day. Set with this 3 factors the estimate of the time it will take to warm up the portable hot tub is around 20 hours.

It may seem like it's not heating up

While researching this I've seen questions like why is my hot tub not heating up and hot tub taking too long to heat. If your heater is working correctly it may be that you've just not waited enough - 20 hours or more.

If it's been much longer than that, it could be that your heater has a fault. You may need to contact an expert engineer ask about your hot tub not heating troubleshooting to do list.

Give it 24 hours

To ensure you are going to get into a lovely hot water spa, give it 24 hours. Setup and fill up your hot tub a day before you want to use it. Then put on the heater and leave it running for 24 hours.

One other thing to take into consideration is if your hot tub cover is on or off. I would suggest leaving your hot tub cover on as this will speed up the heating process also.

When you come to get into it the following day it should be lovely and hot.

To put that into perspective; if your heater is working properly, it will usually heat the water at a rate of 3°F–6°F (2°C–3°C) per hour.

The inflatable hot tub cover

As was mentioned below, making sure the hot tub cover is on will help speed up the heating process.

As we learnt in school, heat rises, so you can imagine how much of the heat you will lose out of the top of your portable hot tub is no cover is on. This equates to extra time to heat.

Also, one more thing to pay attention to is the state of repair for your cover. If it needs replacing, then please replace your hot tub cover. If it's in a poor condition you will be losing heat out of the top of the hot tub and from the process of heating up the water.

Finally, the weather conditions

So, I did mention that on a day with a warmer ambient temperature the water will warm up quicker. Even on a warm day, you can get a breeze.

Having a breeze going over the hot tub will add a cooling effect, so the placement of your portable spa is important. Try and have either a natural wind block or have it placed inside some cover (such as an all year round gazebo).

Keeping the breeze off your tub will stop any cooling effect it could have.

Hope these are useful

I hope that, from this, you've realised that there are a few factors to answer the question of how long will it take for a hot tub to warm up.

If you start the process of warming it up 24 hours before you want to get in then you will be sure to have a fabulous hot tub to enter. Enjoy.

How Long Does It Take To Heat A Hot Tub?

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