How Portable Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

What is an inflatable hot tub? How portable is one? The name really gives it away, at least the inflatable part of the name.

Simply put, it's a hot tub that is inflatable, also often referred to as a blow up hot tub. It’s a pool made of triple layered laminated PVC that you fill with air. There are then components you connect to it to create the hot tub.

So, that said, just how does it work and how portable are they?

What is a portable hot tub made from

An inflatable hot tub is made of a flexible and extremely durable material. Durable enough to; when inflated; hold a large amount of moving water and as well as a number of individuals.

An inflatable hot tub needs ample air to make it erect and stable.

This is certainly a plus point towards portability as they are light and compact when deflated; then large enough (although generally smaller than a standard hot tub) to fit up to 6 people in some cases.

Inflatable hot tubs are designed with water inlets and massage jets where the water would pass through. Just like the built-in hot tub that is permanently connected to the water source and heater, the portable hot tub has it’s own heater and pump.

That's the basic makeup of an inflatable hot tub. We can already start to build up a picture on the portability of these portable hot tubs - but let's examine that a little further.

How portable is an inflatable hot tub?

As an inflatable hot tub can be deflated and folded; moving it from place to place is made easy and simple.

However, when we look at how portable an inflatable hot tub is we need to consider a few factors.

The first of these is about the power supply for the hot tub. You need a consistent power supply for the hot tub. Firstly to use the pump to inflate the hot tub. You then need some power to run the heater to warm up the water for the hot tub. Finally, you will need the power to run the blower to produce the bubbles.

The second thing we need to consider is the water for filling the hot tub. A hot tub takes a number of hundred litres of water. If we look at the Lay-Z-Spa Miami for example; it has a capacity of 800 Litres (192 Gallons) of water. That is a considerable amount of water; so you need to be someplace where you can fill your hot tub.

Looking at these two things you need to fulfil you may not think that an inflatable hot tub is that portable. There is some truth in that, but only when you talk about taking it places such as coming holidays in a field and such other places.

The great bonus of a portable hot tub is; if you move home you can certainly take it with you which can not be said about a fixed hot tub. If you are going on holiday and staying in a house, you can take your hot tub with you. Anywhere you have electricity and water in fact.

So, an inflatable spa is very portable in those cases. Once up and running you will want to leave it in place and enjoy it - so you may find you won't move it too much. The biggest bonus is the price as it is much cheaper than a fixed hot tub and you can relocate it in your garden when you want to.

How Portable Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

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