How To Pack Away Your Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter

As we head into winter, those of us who have an inflatable hot tub will think about packing it away.

This could be just for short periods and only put it up on days through the winter we want to enjoy the joy of a warm spa. Some of us will pack it away for the whole of winter and set back up during the sprint and summer months.

Whatever your reason for packing away your inflatable hot tub, here are some helpful guides to help you pack it safe and secure.

Follow these steps to pack away your inflatable hot tub

I’ve tried to break it down into steps for you to follow. If you follow each of these then you should cover all the tasks you will need to complete to pack away your inflatable hot tub for winter.

These following steps will help you pack down your spa if its a 2 person inflatable hot tub, 6 person portable hot tub or any number in between.

I’ve also linked to a couple of good videos that show you how to deflate an inflatable spa.

1. Power down and ensure it is powered off

First, and probably one of the more important steps is to ensure you turn off all electronic components for your hot tub, and then pull out the plug from the socket.

We need to ensure that the heater, blower and any lights that may be in or around the portable hot tub are all powered down.

Next, pack away the power lead so that it’s not in the way or could get damaged.

2. Empty air blower

If you have a hot tub that has an air blower then you need to empty it so they don’t get damaged over the winter. If more than 1 blower then you need to do this for each of them.

3. Disconnect the motor unit

Next, you will need to disconnect the motor unit. Take a moment to locate the filter housing. This is commonly on the inside of the inflatable hot tub, usually near the pump.

Undo and remove the filter housing. Then put the stopper plugs into the now-empty valves.

Finally, you need to disconnect the motor unit from the hot tub. Undo the couplings which join the motor to the inflatable hot tub. Then carefully remove the motor unit out of the way so that it doesn’t get damaged.

4. Clean and dry the filter housing and motor unit

Next thing you want to do is clean then dry the filter housing and the motor unit.

To do this, first, take your garden hose and place it into the water inlet valve on the motor unit.

Next, turn on the water and leave the water running through the motor unit for a few minutes. While running you may see some built up calcium get flushed through the system. Just keep the water running till it runs clear.

Once running clear, stop the water, tilt it a little and give it a gentle shake. This is to get out any remaining water from the motor. Once done, use a cloth to dry the motor and then leave it to dry fully.

You’ll be using this later to help deflate the hot tub so keep it nearby.

Next, it’s the filter housing to tackle. The first task to do is to remove the filter cartridge unless the cartridge has only been in a few days – in that case, leave it. Else, if old, discard and you can put in a fresh cartridge next time you inflate your spa.

Finally, using your garden hose flush out the filter housing until the water runs clear. Then dry it thoroughly using a dry cloth.

5. Drain the inflatable hot tub

Now it’s time to drain the portable inflatable hot tub. Check your owners manual (if you need to) and locate the drainage valve (usually on the outside wall of the hot tub).

Next, attach a garden hose to the value using an adaptor (often comes with the hot tub). Again, check the user manual to read the instructions on draining the spa.

When the hose is screwed onto the drainage valve, undo the drain stopper valve and the water will come flowing out through the hose.

Be careful where you drain the water as it will have chemicals chlorine or bromine which you use to sanitise the water. These will kill grass and flowers so ensure you drain away from any of these.

6. Give the hot tub a good clean

Once your inflatable hot tub is empty it’s time to give it a final clean. You need to get rid of any chemical residue that may have built up.

What cleaning chemicals and bits should you get? Here are 2 suggestions you may want to consider for cleaning the residue.

Soft cleaning liquid

Scum bug hot tub sponge

Remember to clean your inflatable hot tub cover as well, especially the underside of the cover as this may also have chemical residue also.

7. Deflate the inflatable hot tub

Next, we’re going to use the motor unit to deflate the hot tub. Again, your user manual should have some instruction on how to do this. Generally, you attach the inflation hose and press deflate on the motor.

You may find that your inflatable hot tub motor unit doesn’t have a deflate button. In which case you need to remove the inflator valve and press down on the hot tub so that the air comes out of the valve.

For some instruction, please check out the videos at the end of this post showing some examples.

8. Clean the bottom of the hot tub

Once the inflatable hot tub is deflated, before packing away you need to give the underneath a good clean.

To do this, turn it over and spread it out on a flat area. Next, wipe the base over with a damp cloth to remove any grass stains or marks. When finished thoroughly dry the base with a cloth and then leave to dry.

9. Finally, pack away your inflatable hot tub

Before you begin, check that all the removable fixtures and fittings, including the valves and couplings, are removed from your hot tub. Put these in a separate bag or sealable box.

Never put away your hot tub with fixings still in place as it could damage your inflatable hot tub.

When dry, one suggestion is that you lay it out flat and sprinkle some talcum powder of it.

Next, fold the hot tub up working from the side furthest away from the open air valve. As you press the folds down any remaining air will come out of the hot tub.

When your hot tub is flat and folded you will want to try and put it back into its original box. However, your inflatable hot tub was folded and packed by machines in the factory and we can never seem to get them to go back the way they came. You always wonder how the fitted in the box in the first case.

It’s fine to wrap it in a large tarpaulin and tie it with rope. Just make sure the tarpaulin is as airtight as possible around the hot tub.

Store it off the ground in your garage or storage room. You can place it on a wooden pallet or on a sturdy shelf.

Further reading

If you want to read a little more on how to care for you inflatable spa through winter, Lay-Z-Spa has a great little blog post, Lay-Z-Spa looking after spa in winter.

Hope this was useful

I hope this was useful in helping you pack away your hot tub for winter. Remember to also always check the manufacturers instructions for guidance with identifying parts and packing the way they suggest.

What you want is to ensure your inflatable hot tub is well packed and ready for next Spring or Summer when you next want to enjoy it.

Also, please check out the below videos on deflating your portable spa.



How To Pack Away Your Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter

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