How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

As the cost of amenities go up, the one question we always have on our minds “can we afford it?”.

We all worry that we’re not going to be able to afford the cost of this bill or that, so luxury items sometimes get overlooked or not run for the fear of running up bills.

Then the next question pops into our heads “how can I run it economically?”

We all want to have that little bit of luxury. If you’re reading this article then you may already own a hot tub, if not you may be thinking of buying an inflatable hot tub. Either way, you will be wandering the best way to run it economically.

Can an inflatable hot tub be run economically?

So, the first item on the list we need to look at is, can we run a portable spa in an economical fashion.

To answer this, let’s think a little larger. Let’s start with the biggest worry which is the electricity cost.

A portable hot tub is not the only thing that uses electricity in your home. You may have already thought of ways to reduce the cost of electricity (if you haven’t you should). You may have changed all your bulbs to low-cost bulbs. You may have installed a smart meter. You may have a routine where the TV is only on at certain times.

If you’ve implemented any of these then you’ve already taken a step to running your house economically. Running something else, such as an inflatable hot tub, is just continuing that thought process.

We need to take a step back, break it down to its parts and then come up with solutions where we can cut costs.

For example, the first thing to do is to only remove the cover when you are using the hot tub. The inflatable’s cover retains a lot of heat in the hot tub and so reduces the need for the heater to run. Running the heater for less time means that you are not using so much power/electricity.

That said, here are my top tips for keeping running your inflatable hot tub economically.

1. Buy a good quality inflatable hot tub

Not all hot tubs are made equally. Just like when you buying an appliance for your home, generally you look around for the best quality one in your price range with the best energy rating.

There is no difference when buying an inflatable hot tub. Take some time, do some research and make sure you purchase a good quality one.

2. Keep your hot tub at temperature all the time

If you use you hot tub regularly then its best to keep the temperature constant rather than reheating it all the time.

If your hot tub has to be heated from cold to hot temperature every time you use it, you will use a lot more energy that if you just keep topping up the temperature a bit at a time.

Little and often is a more efficient way to heat your inflatable hot tub. An added bonus is that it means it is ready to jump in 24/7. It’s not cost-effective to constantly reduce and increase the heat.

Note that, if you yse your hot tub infrequently, once a week or month, then it maybe more efficient ti heat as needed.

3. Change your electricity tariff for the best one

This one really goes beyond just your hot tub. You should check your tariff every year and change it – the best deals are to get you to change over.

Getting the lowest unit price will help keep your costs down and run your house more economically.

4. A well-insulated cover

So, I already mentioned above about keeping your cover on when not using your hot tub.

60% of the inflatable hot tubs heat is lost through the top of the hot tub. A well-insulated cover helps keeps the heat in.

5. Turn off the blower unit

When you are not using your inflatable hot tub, turn off the blower unit. Introduction of air will lower the water temperature. Leaving these on when the filtration cycle runs will increase hot tub energy usage.

In summary

Owning and using an inflatable hot tub will cost you extra money on your electricity bill, though you would expect this as it’s another item drawing power.

The exact amount is difficult to calculate as it really depends on your tariff, current costs and so on. Estimates I found while researching estimated £40-£60 though I would not guarantee on that estimate.

If you are smart in your usage of your hot tub, using some if not all of the above 5 tips, then you can lower the cost of usage.

If you have a smart meter you can monitor how much it’s costing you.

Can I ask, if you have any costs that yours is costing you, please leave a comment below.

How To Run A Hot Tub Economically

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3 comments on “How To Run A Hot Tub Economically”

  1. My tub costs in the region of £1k per year to run.
    I have it on all year round and use it every day of the year (except for the odd occasion when I change the water and have to wait for the temperature to get up again).
    I generally keep it at 36 degrees at all times and when I get home from work I increase the temp to 40 degrees which is then ready for my nightly dip at 10pm.
    I have a MSPA Tekapo inflatable tub and use an inflatable bladder underneath the removable cover.
    Capacity is 930 litres and the heater is 1500w and the air blower is 600w.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks for your comment and info. It’s great to get other persons info like this as it gives us all a more rounded idea of costs


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