Inflatable Hot Tub Use In Winter

As the months get colder the temptation of a hot bubbly soap really starts to appeal. This does pose a question though of can I use my inflatable hot tub during winter?

Most inflatable hot tub makers such as Lay-Z-Spa, Intex, Coleman and others tell us that these are not made to be used below temperatures of 40F (around 4c) which is not the coldest we go here in the UK.

The water in the tub will stay warm (at or near 40′c, generally) if the spa is left covered, but the spa makers suggest packing up the spa when the cold comes.

So, that code winters day, if your hot tub is outdoors, you may not be able to use it if you following their instructions (and if you don't then you can find the guarantee would be void).

However, for those that are asking the question can I use my inflatable hot tub during winter, the answer is Yes. There is a caveat to that though, you have to do what some refer to as a hack and this is not recommended by these manufacturers.

As it's not recommended, if you decide to try this you do it at your own risk! We are not liable for anything you do as it is at your own risk!.

Also, to do this you need a rudimentary understanding of plumbing and electrical skills. We do suggest contacting a professional to do these.

Once assembled, however, as you will see, there is little risk of damage that can be done to your spa if this guide is followed properly.

Inflatable hot tub and cold issues

The main issue of concern is the motor mechanism (not the tub’s materials or insulation). These units are not designed to be run in the deep cold, and the motor could be damaged if it is run in cold temperatures.

The all in one heater blower mechanisms

In the vast majority of units sold on the market today by companies like Intex, Lay-Z-Spa, etc., the motor unit runs all the functions.

So, for example, the blower that inflates the tub is the same blower that supplies the bubbles. It also circulates the water and heats it up.

In the majority of units, the heater cannot run at the same time the bubbles are being expelled.

In the colder months, when you take off the lid of the spa it will start to cool down pretty rapidly. With this type of all-in-one header blower, you can't run the bubbles and run the heater at the same time.

So, you run the bubbles but then the water starts to cool down and it feels more like a warm bath and not a hot tub.

So, what creative thing can be done to try and solve this issue.

For that answer, I found a great site that lists these hacks.

If you head over to this site link they detail some ideas and hacks for you to follow to get your inflatable hot tub running well during those colder months - so that you can have lots of bubbles in a lovely hot tub.

So, head on over, take note and enjoy your winter fun in your inflatable hot tub

One last question I saw asked - Can a hot tub in winter make you sick?

So, as we are talking about winter use of a hot tub, I wanted to address another common question I saw being asked - can the use a hot tub in winter make you sick?

If you check out that link you can read an interesting article written by Fox News. Reading that you will see that they suggest using hot tubs any time can spread germs that will make you ill. Although it doesn't mention if its a personal or public hot tub, I believe they are talking about a public hot tub.

The reason for my assumption is that with a person hot tub it's only going to be you and any family members using them. You would have an idea if any of your family have any of the illness they mention.

In regards to this question, the actual use of a hot tub in winter, in my opinion, should not make you ill. What may is more the chill factor from the cold as you enter/leave a hot tub.

To get a good understanding of how to use a hot tub in winter, take a look at this post. It gives some great tips on safe usage of hot tubs during the winter months.

Inflatable Hot Tub Use In Winter

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