Inflatable Hot Tub Common Questions and FAQ

I spend some time looking around, figuring out the questions people were asking in relation to inflatable hot tubs.

As the goal for this site to be helpful and answer queries and questions you may have; I thought I would collect and try to answer some of these questions.


Let’s take a looks at some of these frequently asked questions for these portable hot tubs.

1. How hot do they get?

Most inflatable hot tubs heat up to a maximum of 40C. Depending on how much water is in the tub, from cold it will take 12-24 hours to warm all the water to this temperature.

2. Will it warm quicker with the air jets on?

No. In fact, it will take longer to warm your hot tub with the air jets on as they will cool the water. They are blowing in colder air to produce the bubbles. Just ensure they are off when warming the water.

3. How long does it take to fill the hot tub?

So, we can’t be precise with this one as it really depends on the amount of water your particular hot tub takes.

Generally, it will take around 1-2 hours to fill an inflatable hot tub with water.

4. Do inflatable hot tubs have seats?

We often see images of regular hard shell hot tubs having moulded seats. However, inflatable hot tubs don’t tend to have seats.

However, they do have a cushioned base which makes it comfortable to sit on.

One benefit of that is, as there are no designated seats it makes it easier for more people to get in and enjoy. It’s also more comfortable to spread out and move around in depending on how many are in it.

5. Can I use it in winter?

I wrote an article about using your inflatable hot tub in winter. Check that out for a more detailed overview.

The short answer is that you can, although Lay-Z-Spa advises that the spa should not be set up or left out in temperatures lower than 4 degrees (40F) as the water may start to freeze and cause damage to the pump making it unusable.

For more details, check out the article linked above.

6. Can I use it indoors?

Yes. You can use your inflatable hot tub indoors. That said, there are a few things to consider before you go setting yours up.

The first thing to consider is the floors. Can they hold the weight? What if the flooring gets wet when getting out? What about draining it, how are you planning to do that? Will the flooring be ok if gets wets?

These are not questions I can answer in an FAQ but ones you would need to consider before setting your inflatable spa up indoors. It can be used indoors though to answer the original question.

7. Are they easy to store away?

They are quite easy to store. You just need to remove all the electrical parts (like the heater/blower). Empty and deflate. Pack it away in its box and store it away for the next time you want to set it up.

I do have a more detailed article on packing away your inflatable hot tub for more detail on the subject.

8. Is everything in the box?

Generally, everything you need to get you started comes in the box when you buy your inflatable hot tub. It’s always best to read the details of what comes with your portable spa before purchase.

The only other things needed are new filters and chemicals for when maintaining your spa, so it is always good to buy these at the same time so you don’t forget, although you won’t need them right away.

Do you have any other questions?

These are the most common questions I saw, though they are obviously only a cross-section of questions that could be asked.

If you have any other questions you would like to add, why not leave them below in a comment and we will try to get round to answering them.

Inflatable Hot Tub Common Questions and FAQ
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