Is It Safe To Use A Hot Tub While Pregnant?

One of the main, if not the main, reason to purchase an inflatable hot tub is to soak away those aches and pains that life throws at us, as well as the actual aches and pains of our bodies.

So, it makes sense that some people may think that heading towards a hot tub makes sense. You probably have aches and pains and they believe that a soak in a hot tub may help with these.

Now, as you're reading this post I would hazard a guess that you're pregnant (or you're the dad to be and you're checking up for your wife) and you want to check if it is safe to soak in a hot tub. Or maybe your thinking what is a safe hot tub temperature for pregnancy?

While I understand all the muscle pains and aches you are getting. However, soaking in a hot tub while pregnant could be dangerous for both the mom to be and the baby.

Why is it unsafe?

Reading through the linked page above they give some great detail, but let me paraphrase a little.

If you spend 10 minutes or so in a hot tub when pregnant, it could raise your body temperature to 102F (38.9C for those of us in the UK) or more, which it says would cause a condition known as hyperthermia.

It goes on to say:

Studies have shown an increased risk of neural tube defects — serious abnormalities of the brain or spinal cord — in the babies of women who experience high temperatures during the first four to six weeks of pregnancy. Some studies also suggest that hyperthermia during pregnancy increases the risk of other birth defects and miscarriage, but further research is needed.

This relates back to when my wife was pregnant with both our children and the doctor warned us not to go on holiday to a too warm a country in case it caused problems. They were probably worried about this same issue.

But could I use a hot tub?

The info goes on to talk about how you could potentially still use a hot tub when pregnant by limiting the time you spend in there so small amounts so you don't raise your body temperature above this danger threshold.

I'd advise checking out medical advice before using the hot tub, just to make sure you are safe for yourself and your unborn baby. Always be safe.

Here is a useful YouTube video on this subject:


Is It Safe To Use A Hot Tub While Pregnant?

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