Some Inflatable Hot Tub Fun

When we talk about a hot tub the first thing that may come to your mind is a pool and bubbles. Hot tubs and bubbles got together like cheese and wine (even better when both cheese and wine in a nice bubbly hot tub).

When we break a hot tub down to basics we have a tub of water and something that create bubbles. These bubbles are generally created from a machine, however, we sometimes see bubbles in a pool which are not machine generated

Some may find this quite funny. So, if you enjoyed that, why not check out this next video of pool fail antics.

Don't try this at home

I would say, don't try that at home. Well you can, let's face it I think many of us have done that at one point or another. However, trying to generate the number of bubbles you see in a hot tub is not sustainable.

So, it's certainly not something I would suggest. Instead, why not follow along with my research and posts and pick up a nice inflatable hot tub for you home.

Certainly, more people will enjoy that hot tub than one which is powered like the video above.

Some Inflatable Hot Tub Fun

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