Top 3 Hot Tub Shelters For Inspiration

So, let's face it. In the UK we have quite diverse weather. One minute it can be sunny and you are enjoying a soak in your inflatable hot tub.

Then, the clouds come in and it rains. There's nothing more to spoil that hot tub pamper and relax session than a spot of rain. What you know you need is a shelter to go over your hot tub.

As the colder weather draws in you still may want to leave your hot tub up. Another great instance where a cover would be perfect, maybe with sides too.

So, we're thinking a shelter that has sides, or maybe sides can be added as the winter months draw in.

Here are 10 examples I've found to inspire you. From gazebos to custom shelters - I hope you get inspiration to get your own shelter - so you can enjoy your hot tub through rain, snow and any other of our wonderful weather elements.

The gazebo

The gazebo, a garden classic. Visit many of your friend's houses through summer, for a BBQ or two, and most will have that classic gazebo up - partly because in the UK you never know when we're going to get a shower.

You can get different levels of steadiness for gazebos. You have those flimsy for summer only where a hit of wind will blow it down. Then you have the study, use all year round types - and many between of course.

Gazebo's come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you will certainly be able to find one that fits your garden style. They are also quick to put up (and take down if needs be) meaning it doesn't take long to get your inflatable hot tub covered.

Custom build wooden shelter

Looking at this you could say - it's just a wooden gazebo, and, well, you'd be right.

A custom build shelter like this is really just a more sturdy, wooden built gazebo. The word study is the key word in that sentence.

Though some easy to put together gazebo's are study, they will never be as sturdy as a good custom built wooden shelter.

The only negative, and it's not really a negative, is that a built structure is not movable. You can't take it down. T

If you want to have your hot tub up all year long then I would say this is the best option. This would be like your own little retreat - escape from the kids or the washing up any time of year.

In the conservatory

One option is not to have your hot tub outdoors, put it up in your conservatory - or some other inside room (maybe your garage or some other structure).

If you don't mind losing your conservatory, your summer room, moving out those sofas, so that you can have an indoor hot tub, then you're in for a year-long treat of hot tub goodness.

Just check out the examples below to see what you could be getting

Where ever you place it, enjoy

Where ever you plan to place your hot tub, make sure you can access it all year round. If you place it outside in a gazebo, invest in one which has sides.

If you build a wooden structure, why not add features that allows you to add sides.

If you place it inside - make sure it's in a position you don't need to take down after finished.

Where ever you place it. Enjoy it. An inflatable hot tub is the best way to enjoy your chill out time.

Top 3 Hot Tub Shelters For Inspiration

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