Top 3 Social Games You Can Play In A Blow Up Hot Tub

Sitting, relaxing in a hot tub with your partner, family or some friends is as much of a social pass time; as it is a relaxing thing to do.

If you are having a social hot tub gathering, why not have a little more fun and try playing one of these 3 social games that you can play in your inflatable hot tub.

As you can imagine though, these games are not going to be something such as a board game – Monopoly is not on this list. These are games you can play while sitting in a larger body of water – bubbling hot water in your portable hot tub.

We guarantee it will increase the fun you have.

1. I spy with my little eye

It’s certainly a classic. You would perhaps more associate this game with a car journey. One for keeping the kids entertained as you drive along those roads.

In a hot tub, it can have some fun added aspects. When children are around you can keep it PG but when it’s adults only you can add some extra 18+ words to the mix.

If you’re doing this in the evening, just don’t pick every consolation in the sky – unless you and your friends are astronomy fans of course.

You could probably imagine the fun you could have this one; though there could be some rude connotations of course.

For this post though I am keeping it clean. I’m sure there are lots of shrubs and other things in your garden you can spy with your little eye.

2. Heads Up!

So, “Heads Up!” is the name of the app in the App Store and I believe a board game as well – though this game has a number of different names and started with just sticky cards or notes.

For this version, you will just need a sticky note pad and a pen. From now I will refer to this games as the forehead game to make it more generic.

You’ve probably seen this one before; each member of your party has a note stuck to their forehead with the name of something (usually a person, animal, fruit and so on) written on it. They need to ask questions of everyone else in the game to try and guess what it is.

This is another game where you can get creative depending on who is in your hot tub playing. For children, it can be animals and fruit. For adults then you can get a little more creative.

This game can certainly inject a lot of fun in your inflatable spa party. It’s also a game that can get more fun as you drink more champagne or other drinks with alcohol in them.

3. Word association game

The third fun game you can try playing in your hot tub is the word association game.

It’s quite a simple concept of a game to play. The first person chosen will say a word out loud. You then go round each person clockwise in the hot tub.

The next player has to quickly say a word that has some connection with the previous word. What counts a connection is down to the parliament of players to determine.

If somebody doesn’t like a connection, they can challenge it, and everyone votes on whether or not to allow it. In the event of a tie, the word is allowed.

A player is eliminated (or has to do a forfeit) if any of the following happens:

  • They take more than three seconds to make a connection.
  • They repeat a word that has already been said in this game.
  • They are challenged and loses the vote.

Eliminated players can still make challenges and cast votes. The last player standing is the winner.

This is a fun game which also gets your mind working. Again, there is a PG and 18+ version of this game depending who is playing.

Bonus game – Who let the fart out

This is more for those who like silly games – probably one with the teenage kids.

Who let the fart out gives a differing meaning to your blow up hot tub and games.

As the name suggestions, you need to guess who is adding extra bubbles to the water.

4 games for you to play

There you have 4 fun games you can play in your inflatable hot tub with no boards (or bored) needed. These will inject a little bit more fun into your blow up hot tub parties.

Get your gathering of people having some fun and don’t just sit there, relaxing and drinking champagne.

If you have any games you play in your hot tub that I have listed here; why not share them below so that others can also give them a try.

Top 3 Social Games You Can Play In A Blow Up Hot Tub

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