Top 5 Benefits Of An Inflatable Hot Tub

When people talk about hot tubs, you can almost see what they are imagining. I would hazard a guess to say that the majority are thinking about the classic, static fitted hot tub.

However, these expensive unmovable hot tubs are not the only ones out there these days. You don't have to fork out thousands of pounds and have a large hot tub placed in your garden. There are other options now available.

I'm going to hazard another guess and say that you probably know that. If your viewing a page about inflatable hot tubs then I kind of reckon you know about this as an option.

Why choose this option over something like an expensive fibreglass or custom built hot tub? Let's try to answer that with 5 benefits I see that an inflatable hot tub has over a more static built hot tub.

1. The Price

This is really the biggy. Let's face it, we all want to get value for our money. We all want to afford the best, or at least the best of what we can afford.

It used to be that hot tubs were for people that had some larger expendable savings or income. Even today a more traditional built hot tub will cost you in the thousands of much animation

Hot tubs were really priced at a point where someone, like myself, who don't have lots of savings couldn't really think about affording one.

So, this first benefit, price, for me is a rather large one. An inflatable hot tub I can pick up starting at around £299, or thereabouts.

At that price point, a hot tub is not something I could just imagine in my garden. It is a reality in my garden. Where once there was a space longing for a hot tub - now there is a hot tub.

The great thing is, people, don't ask 'how much does that cost' or 'is that cheap'. All they see is a hot tub to enjoy.

2. The Portability

Let's face it. Looking back again at the older style of hot tub. Once they were in place, they were in that place to stay. They are not something you can just fold up, take along to a new house if you move. Maybe move to another location in your garden? No, once in place that was it.

So, with an inflatable hot tub, location is not so set. Once up and the water is in then it's not going anywhere. It's set in that location.

However, you want to move it down the garden? You moving house and want to take your hot tub with you? Maybe you're going camping and feel like some hot tub fun. Well, with an inflatable hot tub that's completely acceptable and doable.

You can even set it up indoors - though that is for another post.

3. Comfort

So, it may sound strange staying comfort as a benefit of an inflatable hot tub but let me explain my reasoning behind this.

comfortableOriginal hard build hot tubs, such as those made out of timber, fibreglass and so on, well, are hard. To be more precise, they are rigid. That's how they are built.

Kind of like you bath. They are made of a harder compound. An inflatable hot tub, on the other hand, is made of a soft expanding plastic.

To be a little more precise, a soft plastic that is filled with air. So, when you're in an inflatable hot tub you're being cushioned by air.

Which sound more comfortable to you? A rigid built hot tub or a soft inflatable hot tub? For me, being cushioned by air is far more appealing than sitting and resting against an original type of hard hot tub.

4. Wide selection

So, this is not really a fair comparison to make as there are a wide selection of solid built hot tubs as well as inflatable hot tubs.

That's not a fact I can gloss over or hide. You could probably find as many adverts for different types of hot tubs for both.

What this should really read is a wider selection of more affordable hot tubs.

Solid built hot tubs are more expensive and just seem to go up in rapid jumps of price depending on the features. What a 4 person or 6 for example and check out those price differences.

Inflatable hot tubs, on the other hand, have much smaller jumps in price. Now, don't get me wrong. The price of these can also jump up to more expensive values.

However, you have a much wider selection at each price level making it a wide selection for you to choose from at the price point you can afford.

5. More energy efficient

When thinking of about buying a hot tub you firstly think about the cost of purchasing it, but then also remember and think about the cost of running it.

They use energy to warm that water. Energy to create those bubbles.

From the research I have done, the cost being part of that research. Many pieces of info I have read that inflatable tubs also boast higher energy efficiency than their fitted counterparts.

This is quite a key factor as running costs can eat into the time you have to run that hot tub. You want to get as much benefit out of it as possible - so running it more often or for longer periods of time is, in my opinion, more beneficial.

Inflatable hot tubs, more for your bucks

Inflatable hot tubs seem to cost you less. They are cheaper to buy and they are cheaper to run.

On top of that, it seems they are more comfortable to be in for that long amount of time you can run it for.

Definitely, things to be considering when looking for that new addition to your garden.

I hope this has given you a little food for thought if you're looking for your first inflatable hot tub and please do leave us a comment below.

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Top 5 Benefits Of An Inflatable Hot Tub

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