Top 5 Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

When purchasing a hot tub, inflatable hot tub, portable spa or whatever you name it, we spend a lot of time deciding on which one has all the features we need at the right price.

It's important for us to pick up a hot tub that has all the features we want and one that fits our pocket price.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when purchasing a hot tub is, they overlook the warranty.

This is quite an oversight because we think of the purchase of something like a hot tub as an item we will own and use for a long time. However, if we don't check the life of the warranty and what it covers, then the length of ownership could be cut short.

There are many questions we should ask about the warranty of a portable hot tub. If I had to narrow it down to 5 questions about the warranty then these are the items I would clarify.

1. Is there a service routine you would need to follow?

This may, or may not, sound a bit of a strange question - however, let me explain it.

With some items I have bought in the past where there is a requirement to change items such as filters - as part of the warranty, there were clauses that said if certain parts/filters were not changed at particular intervals then the warranty would be void.

Now, these type of clauses are quite rare - at least I have only seen them once or twice. However, I would ask if there is any maintenance or service routine that would need to be followed as part of the warranty.

If you ask the question then you can't miss this one.

2. Does the warranty cover tub parts? If yes, for how long?

Any reputable manufacturer must have its warranty to cover at least the following tub parts:

  • Shell
  • Cabinet
  • Plumbing
  • Equipment
  • Controls

You need to clarify if any or all of these hot tub parts are missing as part of the warranty. We advise that you ask if they are included and if you are told that they are not, then, it is better to move to the next manufacturer.

Aside from the fact that the warranty should, and really must cover these hot tub parts, the longer the warranty, the better it is. If you're dealing direct with the manufacturer, never be afraid to ask for a better deal yourself.

3. If you looking at 2 different companies, ask a manufacturer what they cover different to the other company

When you're looking for a hot tub you would certainly narrow it down to a few spa's which potentially may be manufactured by different companies.

When talking to each of these companies, explain to them that you are comparing products. Tell them you have a short list and ask them what they cover different, if anything, to the other manufacturers.

You may find out details you did not know, such as the length of the warranty. You may find that the company will offer you a better warranty.

You are the customer. You have the buying power and it's in your right to find out what each company offers different with after purchase support and warranty.

Don't be afraid to ask each company on your short list.

4. Is the warranty laid out well, or do you need to ask too many questions to work out the guarantee?

It may be a sign of a less reputable company when you look at their after sales support and warranty and find it difficult to get any details. Some less than reputable companies tend to hide their warranty copy.

I often have a rule of thumb that if I need to ask too many questions to find out if there is a guarantee or what it covers, then there may be a chance the company may not stand by their warranty.

A reputable company will put all the details up front, making sure you can see what is covered. Fewer questions you need to ask because of the details are laid out well, usually means a more reputable company.

5. Is there any omission on the details of the warranty?

Every detail of the warranty should be clearly spelt out. Ask questions if there is any part of the warranty that is not clear to you. If you receive a satisfactory answer, then buy, if not there are more than enough hot tub manufacturers out there keep searching.

In conclusion

To conclude, remember you are the buyer. You have the right to ask any questions up front that you need to, to clarify any guarantee and warranty details.

Write down any questions you want to ask and take them along with you. Never worry about asking a silly question - you need to clarify everything you need to. You need to feel secure in your purchase and any good company will help you get there.

Top 5 Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

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