Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Are The Best: (And Why You Should Own One)

With us spending a lot of time at home over this past year, for most of us, our gardens have become our outdoor space for exercise as well as resting, relaxing, and hangout out with our immediate family. We may find ourselves thinking of adding an Inflatable Hot Tub to our garden for that luxury personal time – but why are inflatable got tubs the best?

Why are inflatable hot tubs the best?

Most of us have used a hot tub in our previous lives, but when you’re just starting your garden you can’t spend a lot of time thinking about all the equipment you need or setting it all up.

However, when you have the best Inflatable Hot Tub it just pops straight into your garden space with your gardening kit and you are ready to go! No digging or machinery needed, you can just turn it on and get relaxing and as hot as you like! Tubing to choose from: Some Inflatable Hot Tubs come with two lengths of tubing – and this is what you will be using to set up your tub. Each length is made from a flexible rubber and plastic. They can be a pink color to match your garden or blue to match your furniture. They come in all shapes and sizes, including circular, oval, and even smaller.

Inflatable hot tub
Inflatable hot tub

Why you should have an inflatable hot tub in your garden

They’re waterproof and in colder climates, inflatable hot tubs are great for allowing you to use the pool in a fraction of the time. Also in the garden, the inflatable hot tub can be moved around easily when the weather changes to provide shade or when we’re having a barbecue or a party and can be lifted out for extra shelter during the warmer months.

Air Filters. Just as you might pop a clean air filter into your room to stop any air leaks, so you can regulate the amount of hot water you get, inflatable tubs have their own air filters, so they can be used year-round.

Price-wise. Have a look at the price of these as they are a small cost compared with a hot tub.

Adaptability. It’s the perfect size for the size of your garden. You can have the same height, same width, and can have a short or a long hot tub inside.

Use it to have a get-together with friends. Your garden might be at risk as you may start to have too many guests in the garden.

Having Some Hot Tub Fun
Having Some Hot Tub Fun

When it’s the hot season you can put one inside.

What to look for in an inflatable hot tub

First thing’s first, a Hot Tub is not a full-on pool. It’s a tub that is filled with hot water and inflated with an air pump.

What makes them so awesome is that once you’ve inflated the tub, you have the option to completely let it deflate, and then it just pops right back into shape so that you can re-inflate it to the same hot water level that you left it before. We’d suggest going to a local hardware store or garden centre, and getting a handle on how to inflate the tub yourself. You might find it useful to do a trial run in the local lake or pond before you take the tub out of the shed and into your garden. This will help you to get a feel for the air pressure that you’ll need to adjust.

How to take care of my inflatable hot tub
How to maintain your inflatable Hot Tubs What different types of Hot Tubs are there? Spermicidal Hot Tubs Is there a way to seal your inflatable Hot Tub? Should you use a Hot Tub Mat?


The most common reason for Inflatable Hot Tubs is the convenience of having such a large space for lounging in the warmth of the inflatable pool in your garden.

The thermal and hydrostatic properties of the Inflatable Hot Tubs are able to provide the comfort and warmth that we need from a hot tub, but without having to shell out for heating water and having to take care of the risk of ice accumulation on the walls. Inflatable Hot Tubs are actually quite easy to maintain as long as you check for buildup of water, and make sure to keep the inflatable in a sunny location so that the tubes don’t start to leak.

One of the best reasons that people spend money on an Inflatable Hot Tub is the idea that it’s private and not visible from the street and garden view.

What ever your reason, they are a great addition to any garden.

Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Are The Best

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